Ocean Suites One&Only Le Saint Géran Resort

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*За одного человека при двухместном размещении
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We had a beachfront suite which was very spacious. There was a big lounge, with a sofabed for Mademoiselle and a table where we often had brekfast, a double bedroom, a big walk-in wardrobe and a very nice bathroom. The new decor is nice and fresh although a bit corporate in style.

Location was not ideal as we were just next door to the Terrace restaurant. It meant music until 23:30 at night and some noise in the morning as this is where breakfast is served. We stayed up quite late so the music didn’t bother us much. It was more the fact that your terrace was in view of the guests at the restaurant that annoyed us a bit.

We did ask if we could change rooms but the only one available was on the busier side of rooms. In addition our room was really roomy and lovely. So we stayed put. They were very gracious about it all.
Actually because they did some works on the restaurant during the day they offered us a 60 min massage free of charge!

Once used to the location, we really had a great time in that room and all conforts were there for us.
The suite came with butler service. I never had that before and it’s really nice. A lovely gentleman or lady would come to us every day and ask us what we needed to book or arrange. He would then take care of everything. Apparently he could have also unpacked our luggage if we had wanted!

The room category also included free aperitif brought to the room every evening with little canapés. We felt quite posh to have our glasses of champagne delivered at 19:15 every night!

• Guests in suites will enjoy personalised 24-hours butler service.