Family Tents Cottar’s 1920s Camp

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*За палатку (максимальное размещение - 4 человека)
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four double-sized family tents in a separate area. They all follow the same 1920s theme. Each is furnished with a large double four-poster bed or twin four-poster beds draped in mosquito netting, with dark wood furniture. Old pictures, campaign furniture and brass gramophones set the scene.

At the back of each tent the bathroom is a solid structure accessed directly from the bedroom, with a walk-in, plumbed-in shower and a separate flush toilet.


Standard Tents

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Family Tents

от $2427 до $4561 За палатку (максимальное размещение - 4 человека) Подробнее

Honeymoon Tent

от $1468 до $2759 За палатку (максимальное размещение - 2 человека) Подробнее

Bush Villa

от $5386 до $8710 За виллу(до 10 человек) Подробнее