Bandas Jabali Ridge

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Each banda is completely open-sided to maximise the views, with louvered floor to ceiling shutters that can be closed during the evenings, or opened completely during the day. The rooms are quite minimalist in style and neutral, earthy colours are used throughout. The are heavy wooden-framed king-sized beds are surrounded by stylish mosquito nets. Though if you prefer not to have a net around your bed (the ones at Jabali are quite heavy and so do restrict vision out into the room), you can instead request for netted shutters to be put in place around the edges of the room.

The furniture in the room is not always the most comfortable but it is very striking – think stylish metal chairs that look beautiful but that you can’t sit in for more than an hour! Whilst outside each banda is a private veranda with a soft seating area, shaded by a chunky wooden fringe canopy. There is a large en-suite bathroom with a vast rain shower, separate loo, double sinks and complimentary toiletries
The main quibble we have with the rooms at Jabali is that the louvered shutters that run round most sides of the bandas do not provide much privacy from neighbouring bandas. The lack of privacy is also evident when outside on the veranda, as a number of the bandas overlook each other due to poor spacing between them. The management are fully aware of these issues and are actively working on providing solutions for them, but in the meantime, speak to us about working around them with careful room choices.

As with the bandas, they are completely open-sided structures, and are set higher up the kopje so are afforded some of the best views from the lodge. The spaces are decorated in a neutral colour scheme with plenty of wood panelling, modern furnishings and striking lighting. There is an information area with a library containing a number of wildlife guides and natural history books, as well as novels to help you fill your siesta time.