Standard Tent Selinda Camp

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The chalets are entered through sliding doors at the front, with hook-latches to keep them closed. Inside, both the bedroom and bathroom are fully enclosed and insect-proofed by a mixture of canvas and mesh; it’s quite cleverly designed and lets in lots of light, which offsets the dark wood of the furniture and wooden floor. Each room is dominated by twin beds, or a double, under a large walk-in mosquito net, with a fan above that gives a fairly good airflow through the netting.

Each of Selinda’s chalets has two very comfortable rattan chairs, and a desk topped with miniature decanters of port and sherry, along with ice and filtered water. There’s a tea and coffee caddy, too, and a Thermos of hot water is brought to the room nightly or on request. Plug sockets enable guests to charge cameras and other electrical equipment; mosquito repellent and bug spray are provided; and mosquito coils are lit nightly by the staff.

More personal touches come in the form of beaded decoration on the mosquito nets, watercolour paints and paper, reference books and Swarovski binoculars. For those wanting a gentle workout, there’s also a yoga mat, resistance band and weights, and we were told that a rowing machine and an exercise bike can be brought to your room on request.

Somewhat hidden behind the bed by a partition are a washstand with twin basins and a long mirror, a sturdy wrought-iron luggage rack and a large teak wardrobe with ample storage space. But the main en-suite bathroomis secreted behind double, sliding doors, and is truly spectacular. The centrepiece is a large, stand-alone, egg-shaped bath, with a brass towel rail. In one corner is an open, powerful shower; in the other is a flush toilet, with a wooden wall built next to it for privacy. Hot and cold water are on tap, and various complimentary toiletries are supplied, along with white waffle-weave dressing gowns and matching slippers. The bathroom feels almost as though it is open to the air, as the slatted wooden walls reach only just above head height, where mesh screening fills the gap between them and the thatched roof.

Удобства в номере

Потолочный вентилятор
Антимоскитная сетка
Душ в номере
Подзарядка батарей
Туалетные принадлежности
Ежедневная смена постельного белья


Standard Tent

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